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What’s your favorite…?

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

I was at a summer party some time ago, hosted by a person I had just met through work. Suffice it to say, I didn’t know anyone except for the host, and it seemed I wasn’t alone. There were about twelve of us gathered in a living room (in Fountain Hills, Arizona), sipping our drinks, trying to make small talk…after an painstaking hour of asking and answering questions like, “How about this weather, hot, isn’t it?” and “What do you do?” I was wondering when it would be polite to leave.. That’s right about the time someone asked, “What is your favorite Seinfeld episode?” And that’s when the party turned into fun night.

I talked about the “Puffy (Pirate) Shirt” episode. It’s still one of my favorites, even today. That’s the one in which Kramer has a soft spoken clothes designer girlfriend who Jerry and Elaine dub the “lowtalker” and Jerry inadvertently agrees to wear her puffy shirt on “The Today Show.” When Bryant Gumbel laughs at the shirt, Jerry says he didn’t want to wear it (but felt pressurized into it)…and the low talker obviously hears this on t.v. and after the show, she goes to Jerry’s dressing room to confront him. This is also the episode in which George becomes a hand model and he’s in the dressing room after Jerry’s t.v. appearance, along with Elaine. He is showing his hands to her and mocking Kramer’s girlfriend who hears this and gets so upset she pushes George, he trips and ends up burning his hands on an iron, ending his hand modeling career…So, what’s your favorite episode?