Health Care


Laughter puts your brain, your central nervous system and your whole body into a state of free play.
- Max Eastman

Laughter is...A bullet proof vest that protects you against the ravages of negative emotion.
- Norman Cousins

Humor insists that we are impervious to the wounds of the outside world and that these are merely occasions for our pleasure.
- Unknown

A patient went to his doctor because he had walking pneumonia. The doctor gave him a prescription that read: "Take one every few miles."

Amnesia is nature's way of saying "Forget it!"

We really live in a world of specialists. Today, four out of five doctors recommend another doctor.

Medicare is great for some people. They get so many tranquilizers, they don't care what's happening in the world.

My doctor gave me something he says is good for migraine. I wish he'd give me something that is bad for it!
- From: Milton Berle's Private Joke File