Theme Parties




Passover is the Jewish holiday commerating the deliverance of the ancient Hebrews in Eygpt from slavery. The Seder is the feast of Passover and is usually held at home on the eve of this holiday. This traditional celebration includes preparing and eating "special" foods and reading from prayer books. To make this occasion more enjoyable and educational, the oldest members of the group can share stories of Seders they attended as youngsters and which were the most memorable and why. They could talk about which relatives they celebrated Passover with and at which homes.
Easter is the Christian festival of spring commerating Jesus' resurrection. Again, traditional meals are served. Church services celebrate this most important day in the Christian faith. Traditionally Easter Egg Hunts are attended, with awards given out for the largest, smallest, most unique and number of eggs found. You can have one of these hunts in your own backyard.