Greeter At A Walmart in California

On a dark country highway, cool wind in ur hair.A warm smell of ahotdog rising up thru the air.You see a sign in the distance, says"we're open all day.If come close enough you'llswear you'll hear me say!I'm a greeter at a walmart in Calafornia. Yea I work the door, at the superstore.I give away sticker at a walmart in Calafornia,where my vest is blue and my hair is to


parody of Hotel California

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I LOOOOOOVEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by llamasrule123 on 06/05/2010
oooooooommmmmmmgggggg i watched that on utube
by llamachick911 on 06/05/2010
watz utube
by llamasrule123 on 06/05/2010
sry you tube better
by llamachick911 on 04/06/2010