Love is like a wave,its ups and downs always return,calm,calm as a wave.Life is like a wave, its ups and downs always return,calm,calm as a wave.Oil,A disaster,ruining all the Gulf Coast,HELP!PLEASE!hear our cry.eleven,killed,dead,the explosion ruined our lives,PLEASE AMERICA HELP!the deaths,eleven,so sad,a tragedy,let us bow and pray. DEAR LORD, PLEASE BLESS THE FAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF THE ELEVEN THAT DIED IN THE EXPLOSION.BLESS US SO WE CAN GET THE OIL OUT OF THE WATER AND STOP THE SPILL.YOUR WONDERFUL LORD PLEASE SAVE THIS WORLD FROM DIEING.THIS WORLD WAS ONCE BEAUTIFUL,THEN BUILDINGS WERE BUILT AND CARS WERE INVENTED,POLLUTING THE VERY AIR WE BREATH.LORD,ALMIGHTY SAVIOR SAVE US PLEASE. IN THE HOLY NAME WE PRAY,AMEN


a poem I wrote when I was crying(Prayer also so bow and read when you read it)

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savanna im soo sorry about the .... you know. i know this poem isnt about the spill it is something from the heart... a wounded heart. love:miranda i will always be here if you need a shoulder to cry on love you sis and be sure to stay strong!
by llamachick911 on 04/06/2010
thank you I know you a really bad disition to make but you should know that I am always a phone call away,so if you need me just call no matter what time it is or where you are just call
by llamasrule123 on 04/06/2010
by llamachick911 on 05/06/2010